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Monday (Neat versions written up)

Please continue to edit your writing and copy it up today.


You may have a printer at home and be able to print this out. Remember to leave spaces for any illustrations you'd like to include. This may take you longer than the allocated one hour of writing time today. So, feel free to continue this at any other point during the week. 


I have attached a number of website links which offer book printing - some of these are extremely expensive! They might give you a few ideas of how you could make your own example at home for a fraction of the cost! You are an creative bunch - you'll probably have great ideas of how to publish your final version of your text.


It's really important that you share this story with someone who is not in your household. Your writing should be something which can be appreciated by a wider audience. Maybe ring another family member and read it over the phone or possibly when someone comes over to your house.


Please take a look at some of these with a parent. Here are few examples of website which publish books:


Ex Why Zed


Print-Print - a very expensive option. You may take some ideas from this!


I have not used any of these and are only things I have found when searching the web.I'm sure you will find others too.


If these aren't quite right, take ideas from these about how you could create your own at home for FREE!

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