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Monday - Bridge Building

Competition Time!


Today I'd like you to continue with your model of a bridge. This is your final week to complete this. Could you develop the structure? Can the structure hold more than 300g?


SOMEONE ASKED A GOOD QUESTION...What does the 30cm measurement relate to? I think it is fine if you have the 30m length as the span of the bridge OR the height. The rules are open to a little interpretation.


It currently says that it is for Year 7 pupils upwards to enter, but I am contacting them to see if they’d accept our entries too. This fits in really well with what we had planned this summer and you were going to be making these bridges in school!


Don’t panic though if they are not accepted, I will be awarding a special prize to the one which I think has been the most and least successful. The entries can be sent to our class blogging page by the end of next week (Friday 3rd July 2020)


Bridges are really useful to connect different land masses and can be something you find at the local park or cross into different countries. Today you’ll be making a bridge which must follow a few simple rules:



-You can use any design but it must have a span of at least 30cm

-Use only old cereal boxes, string, sticky tape and glue

-It must support a 300g can of baked beans.


These are all things you will probably have at home!


Send a video of your bridge attempts, both successful and those which don’t quite defy gravity, before 25th September 2020 to


Please remember to think about what you post online and want others to see. The video does not need to contain a picture/video of you. It could just be your hand placing it onto the bridge. I recommend you do the video the first time you place the beans on, it might not work very well!


Challenge…why not add bulbs or other light features which would build on your knowledge of circuits.


I hope you enjoy doing this. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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