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Monday - STEM

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics


I hate being prescriptive and telling you exactly what to do. So, today you can choose at least one of the activities to have a go at below. Each of these have a web link which you can copy/write down and then find further information about them.


Talk through these examples with your parent(s) and discuss which one would be best to try.

One activity I think sounds really interesting is building a bionic hand! 


In this activity, you build a bionic hand made out of cardboard, strings, straws and rubber bands. You will relate the bionic hand to your own hand to understand the function of the fingers and the importance of the thumb, to grab or hold objects with different shapes and forms. You will also learn that it would not be possible to move the human hand if it was only composed of bones. You will understand how bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments work, by comparing them with the materials used on the bionic hand to move the fingers.  


When humans are working in space, or in environments such as the surface of Mars, they must wear pressurized space suits.  This means that it requires more force for them to grasp objects, as they are working against the pressure in the suit.  The development of bionic hands that can be remotely operated can help to complete tasks which would be difficult or tiring for a human. 

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