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Monday - Maths

Welcome to Greenland's finest grocery shop

You've been asked to pick up some supplies for dinner as you're low on food! 

You have 100 krone you can spend. 

What could you buy?

bananas-34 kr      spinach-23 kr     squash-45 kr     onion-12 kr   


tomato-9 kr   cheese string-46 kr    yoghurts-63 kr   milk-47 kr   


spaghetti-39 kr       beef-58 kr       soup-44 kr       water-23 kr       


paper towels-35 kr              kitty treats-34 kr       lotion-74 kr       


tylenol - (not allowed as you have to be an adult to buy medicine)



How much change you have left over? 

How many different item selections could you come back with?

See if you can make at least 5 different ways to spend the 100 krone... 

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