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Monday - English

Monday - English

This week we are going to be looking at, reading and then writing our own instructions. 

Today we are going to be thinking about what instructions are. Start by watching the following video about instructions and then carry out the reading and writing tasks underneath. 



Writing Instructions

This week in Literacy the children will be writing instructions. The video explains what an instruction is and gives some examples.

Next read the following pages from the book 'Tasty Travels' (found on the oxford reading website) and answer the questions underneath. 


1. What do you think this book is about?

2. What page can you go to if you want to learn about Indian food?


3. What is this person's name?

4. What food does he love making? 

5. Where is he from? 

6. Where did he go on holiday when he was little?



7. What are thin pancakes called in France? 

8. What does fruit contain? 


9. Name 4 ingredients you need to make crepes? 

10. What do you have to do with the crepe after bubbles appear and the edges are brown?


Sorting Activity

Today we would like you to start thinking about which words are verbs and which words are nouns. 


Here are the 2 characters who help us remember these words:

Naomi Noun likes naming things. Veronica Verb likes doing things.


Nouns are naming words, like tree, grandma and peach. 

Verbs are actions/doing words, like run, cut and laugh.


Can you sort the following words into verbs and nouns (some may be both!):

carpet       jump       fire       apple       sleep       talk       petal       run       chuck       stick       tap       slipper       glass       wipe


Can you add 3 more nouns and verbs of your own?


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