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Maths  - Money

Monday – Money – recognising coins.

Look at some British coins. Talk about each coin, look at its shape, colour/metal, value and markings. Play what’s in the bag, place the coins inside a bag. Ask them to try and identify each coin by touch. Have lots of fun getting to know coins -play splat the coin. Matching coins to written values. Bury coins in the sand pit/ flour to find, etc.

Tuesday – Making 10p – look at the value of the coins. Try to make 10p using different coins. Try to make 20p in different ways.    e.g.  10p = 2p + 2p +2p +2p +2p

Wednesday Set up a shop. Label the items in your shop with prices - use the values you find on coins (1p, 2p, 5,p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, £2). Encourage someone to play shops with you. Take turns to be the customer using real coins or play coins to buy items in the shop and the shop keeper, asking for different amounts. Make sure they give you the correct coin. 

Thursday – Play shops again. This time the customer can buy 2 items. The shop keeper needs to add the two prices up and ask for the correct amount and the customer will need to find the correct coins. Have a go at being both.

Friday – Counting forward and back. We have noticed in school that lots of you are great at counting forwards, but find going backwards a little trickier. Practise counting back from 10 and then 20. Ask an adult to challenge you by sating any number between 10-20 and then you start counting backwards.  You could write them down to, this is a good time to make sure your numbers are orientated the correct way or practise any if they not. 

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