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Monday - Music and PSHE

Music - Monday 

Today follow the link to the BBC Learning website, where you can practice your singing starting with Gareth Malone's singing techniques. 


Then take part in activity 1 and 2, practicing singing a song and your favourite nursery rhymes. 

Seven Continents Geography/Seven Continents Song for Kids

Here is another song you might enjoy, where you can also practice naming the 7 continents!

PSHE - Monday

For PSHE, we want you to think about how you can be a good friend. 

Open the BBC website below and watch the videos about friendship and making up. 


Then take part in Activity 1 


Activity 1

Thinking about who a child's friends are

Who do you play with or talk to regularly in school?

Draw pictures of them and write their names.

Think about what Bill and Owen said about things they share.

Write down the things you share with your friends and the games you like playing together.

How could you be a good friend during these different times?

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