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Monday - Music and PSHE

Monday - PSHE and Music


Today we are going to be thinking of the human life cycle and how humans change as they grow. 


Firstly, watch the following short video about life cycles then start to think about the human life cycle the questions below. 


Can you name any parts of the life cycle, such as 'baby'?


What do humans look like and what can they do during these different times? 

Life Cycle of Animals and Plants

The Human Life Cycle

Go through the powerpoint below to check your ordering is correct and to think about each stage of the human life cycle.

Can you draw a person for each stage of the human life cycle. These could be people you know or you could make them up! Make some notes or talk about the different milestones for each stage (examples below)


Click on the following link to be taken to a great BBC music session where you can join in and make music with your body! 

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