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Monday - PSHE and Music


As we have been reading the story about Anna Hibiscus in Africa, we thought it would be lovely to learn about an African folk tale and a song about the character.


In the first part of this singing session, Anansi and the Moss-Covered Rock, we meet Anansi, a spider who is always playing tricks on his friends. The song - 'Anansi the Spider' - is about Anansi's jokey character and the music activity focuses on identifying ascending and descending notes within the song.


Click on the link to learn the song for yourselves... 


This week we are going to think about families. All families are made up differently, coming in all shapes and sizes. Take a moment to talk about differences in families you know!



Then think about who is part of your family. This could be just your immediate family or it could be extended family - your aunts, granddad, cousins or maybe friends who you would call your family.


Have a go at creating a family tree - a tree, like below, with an added leaf for each special person you consider as part of your family. 



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