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Monday - Science


Get exploring with water 

Today make your own ice!

See how water changes from a liquid to a solid.

Put the water in the freezer during the morning so it freezes by the afternoon and you can carry out the following investigation...


Investigation Question

How can you keep ice (frozen water) solidified for the longest?


Could you set up a few different ice blocks to see how long they take to melt. Check them regularly and time how long they last until they have turned to a liquid. 


There is a video below showing an investigation, where ice is left in the air, covered with sawdust, put in water and covered and salt - perhaps you could do the same with your ice cubes or think of different ways of covering them?


Factors to consider:

Where can you put it so it doesn't melt? 

Are you going to put it in something? 

Could it be wrapped up?

Does the size of the ice block make a difference? 

How long does it take to melt? 

Which ice cube melts fastest?

Ice in air, sawdust, water and salt...

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