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Mrs Johns's summer activity for September

Hello Year 1!


It was lovely to see those that could make it to the class zoom on Wednesday and to find out a little about each of you.  I loved seeing so many smiles on my screen!  For those that didn't manage to make it to the zoom, I've set the class a creative task to do for our classroom display in September.


I would like you to draw around your hand on a piece of paper and card and then colour it in or add some eye catching designs.  Take your time to do it carefully.  Here is one that I made as an example, yours can be decorated however you like.  For example you could paint a rainbow, cover it in lego figures, dinosaurs, glitter, butterflies, whatever you enjoy drawing.  It will look great if they're all different and unique, just like you.

When your design, is completed, I would like you to think of five words that describe you and write them on the back of each finger, like this -






















You can either bring your decorated hand to school in September or if you're in school next week, give it to Mrs Alsopp or Mrs Clubb to put on my desk in your new classroom.  We will then create a class display with your targets a little like this one:

Have a great summer break everyone!

Mrs Johns

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