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Mrs Sharp's instructions for an Origami Boat

Hello Year 3!


Instructions for Origami Boat

This website has a video, and visual instructions, I’ve included a screen shot so that you can check that you have found the right place!


When you have finished your boat, write you name on one side, and the target that you would like to work on in September. You may use any colour of paper, or decorate your boat as you wish. Please use an A4 piece of paper.



If you enjoy making the paper boat, try making some more!

Use different sizes of paper, card, or other material.

How small a boat can you make?

How long does each boat float for?

Can you make the boat float for longer by coating the paper?


Please bring your boat in, with a name and target on it, on the first day of term.

Use an A4 piece of paper for the boat that you bring to school.


Mrs Sharp

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