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L.O. : I can listen to a piece of music with attention to detail.


Linked to our PSHE topic, where we are thinking about friendship, I would like you to listen to a piece of music written by an English classical composer called Edward Elgar, in which he described his friends in the music. He wrote a simple tune and made lots of different versions of it - one for each of his friends. These versions are called 'Variations' and because Elgar left everyone guessing who was ‘pictured within’ and where the tune came from, the piece is called 'Enigma Variations' (an enigma is a puzzle.)


Open up the following powerpoint (remember to watch in presentation mode if you are able to)

Slides 1-3 give you a little bit of information about the piece of music and composer.

On slide 4 you can listen to 3 of the variations and think about who is being depicted in each one.

Slide 5 tells you who each of the variations were depicting.  You may want to go back and listen to each of the variations again, listening out for any clues there may be about the friend.

Slide 6 takes you to the BBC Ten Pieces website, where there is a video clip telling you more about this piece of music.  Please watch the 1st video on the page.

After listening to this piece of music, think about : 

  • Who would you like to make a piece of music about?
  • What would the music be like?  Slow, Fast, Loud, Soft etc.
  • Which instruments would you choose to play in your piece of music?

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