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L.O. : I can use different rhythmic patterns to create my own 'body percussion' composition.


This week we'd like you to revise the terms pulse and rhythm.  People often confuse the two terms. Watch the videos and read the information on the following web-page and think about the difference between the two terms :



Can you use repeated patterns to create your own body percussion piece of music?  Body percussion is when use your hands, feet and voice to make different sounds.  Try to make each pattern last for 4 beats (count 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 in your head whilst performing the pattern). Repeat the pattern 4 times before moving onto a new pattern.  

If you have a keyboard that you can record onto, you could record a drumming pattern and then perform a different pattern using body percussion over the top.

Experiment and have fun creating music!

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