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Our Amazing Literacy

This half term the children have begun to read the story of Iliona, A rich Greek girl who is captured by pirates and sold to a Roman family as a slave.


September 2019

This week the children acted out an auction, thinking about their best selling points and bidding for a slave with features that would be of use! 


We have been working hard to write about the character's emotions using clues and inferring the feelings. 

Some super examples included:

* tears welled up in my eyes

* goose bumps covered my body

* I trembled with fear

* I slumped on the bed starring down at the floor

* my banged my fists on the door

* my whole body shuddered

* A shiver ran down my spine


Can you guess how they were feeling?



October 2019

We have used our visit to Colchester Castle to help up develop our understanding of Leaflets. After looking at their leaflets and visiting the castle, we created our own, using lots of different features. We gave these out in assembly, hoping to encourage more people to visit. 


We have also been exploring poems. We read a range of Kenning poems and had fun trying to work out what they were about. We then created out own poem about a Roman

Can you guess which type of Roman this is talking about?


Amour wearer,

Sword fighter,

Spear thrower,

Shield grasper,

Arrow firer,

Standard bearer. 




We finished our fantastic class text, taking time to predict the ending before we read it.

The children have explore using a variety of sentence openings. We looked at the aspects of ISPACE to help us vary the beginning of our sentences and then learnt to identify and write complex, compound and simple sentences.

Challenge your children to remember the meaning of ISPACE!


We loved reading 'Escape From Pompei.'  This supported our work on volcanoes and Romans. We have explored the feelings of the characters during different stages of this tragic event. The children worked hard to describe the characters feelings through words and actions. 


'his legs shook at the sight in front of him'

'the children squeezed each other tightly as the stared at the destruction before them'