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This week we'd like you to practise different throwing techniques.  In school we would practise these throws using a shotput (weighted ball) and javelin, but at home you can use a tennis ball, plastic bottle, vortex or any other equipment you may have around. 


There are two youtube videos to show you the technique for each type of throw. 


Please ensure that you have plenty of space around you when practising and that you are not aiming for an area where anybody is standing/sitting- it may be a good idea to go to a park or large outdoor space. 

NOTE : the distance thrown is always measured by where the equipment first hits the ground.


What is a Push Throw? 

A push throw is a type of throw that is most frequently used in shotput. It is especially applied in this sport to gain maximum distance and elevation on the heavy ball (shot). 

However, alongside shotput, push throws are also used in many other sporting activities. For example, a netballer making a chest pass or a basketball player taking a free throw will be performing the same skill.

Push throw

What Is A Pull Throw

In athletics, the pull throw relates to the javelin. However, it is used in many other sporting activities too. For example, a cricketer throws the ball using a pull technique and a footballer performs a two-handed pull throw when making a throw-in from the side of the pitch.

Pull throw

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