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Physical Development -Wednesday



Create your own sports day.


Some ideas to try.


* Bean bag throw. How many bean bags can you throw into a hoop. (You could use a rolled up old sock, beany baby toy, balloon filled with rice etc if you do not have a bean bag.) How many can you get in the hoop in a minute.


* Relay/shuttle runs. How many times can you run between two markers in a minute.


* Long jumps.  Set up 3 markers. Keep jumping 1 point if you jump to marker one, 2 points marker 2 etc. How many points can you get in a minute. 


* Basketball bounce - How many times can you bounce the ball without losing control?

*Tennis ball bounce - How many times can you bounce the ball on the racket before it drops. 

(Try to beat your initial score)


* Round the Meadow Running race  - challenge your self to run around your garden. Time how fast you were. Can you beat it on the second/third go. Which one of your tries was the winner!



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