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L.O. : I know how to show love and appreciation to the people and animals who are special to me.


Think about how you show love and appreciation to people in your family that are special to you and how you show appreciation to special animals.

In your home-learning book draw a spider diagram to show all the ways you can think of.

Here are some of the ideas I had :  

Now I’d like you to answer the following questions (either by writing down the answers or by discussing them with an adult) :

• What does ‘love’ mean?

• ‘What does ‘appreciation’ mean?

• Do we always show people that we love and appreciate them?

• How might they show they love you back?



Think about one person, or a pet, who is special to you.

In your home learning book I’d like you to write down:

• A colour that reminds you of that person e.g. green

• Some words that reminds you of that person e.g. love, fun

• Some symbols that reminds you of that person/animal e.g. heart, or a car, a dog shape (this can relate to a feeling or an activity)


Using these colours, words and symbols, create a mini-collage to represent the person you thought about using your ideas on a square of card or coloured paper.  You can cut out different colours/shapes of card.

• Who is your collage about?

• How does it show they are special to you?


Here is an example that my youngest daughter did about our dog :




Final thoughts :

Either write down or tell someone :

• How does it feel to have a special person/pet?

• Why is it important to make people/animals know that they are loved and appreciated?

• In what ways can you show a special person or animal that you love them?