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Our Relationships Fiesta


Please teach me to… know how to express my appreciation to my friends and family

enjoy being part of a family and friendship groups


Read through the song above.  How does it relate to all the different relationships we have been learning about? Can you recognise some words in the lyrics that are important when we think about relationships? 

Task:Make an appreciation streamer.

Here are some questions to think about whilst making it:


• What people have a positive influence on your life?

• What do you appreciate about other people?

• Are these always people you know?

• How can the choices you make affect others (within friendships, family and with the wider community)?

• What rights and responsibilities are important to keep our relationships happy and safe?

• What are your responsibilities to make sure that your relationships are happy and safe?






Congratulations! You have now completed our PSHE unit on Relationships, if we were in class you would receive this certificate:


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