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River of Knowledge

Our summer term topic is Ancient Egypt. 


We will be using three texts to inspire our topic work, as well as other subject specific fictional and non-fictional sources including Dreamwork's animated cartoon The Prince of Egypt. We have also been lucky enough to secure the loan of a box of objects from Ipswich and Colchester Museums to help us with our investigations into this fascinating period of history. We will be making links to the present day by talking about the recent Golden Parade of the ancient Kings and Queens of Egypt and the blockage of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given and how that affects trade routes.


Our class text is Ma'at's Feather by Juliet Desailly which tells the story of a young boy in Egypt caught up in events that spiral out of his control. What choices does he make and how will this affect his future life? This is a story of the ancient world that can be applied to our lives in modern Britain. To help understand the main class text we will also be looking Light as a Feather - 42 Laws of Ma'at for Children. We will also study the Tales of Ancient Egypt, published by Puffin Classics, to help to draw inspiration from the myths and legends of this intriguing period of history.

Spring 2021


Our River of Knowledge topic for this term is Going Green - Holiday Here!


We will be using the classic works of Beatrix Potter, alongside the poetry of William Wordsworth and the writings and art of Alfred Wainwright as a launchpad and inspiration for the work that we will be doing on this topic.


We will increase our geographical knowledge of the Lake District, looking at land distribution, positive and negative effects of tourism and fieldwork as well as learning how to read and draw maps.

Autumn 2020


The children began the Autumn topic of The Rise of Humans by exploring the Mesozoic Era and creating a timeline of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. They spent time discovering which dinosaurs lived during these periods and made a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex head; out of a recycled milk bottle, masking tape and poster paint.

We discussed the three most likely causes of the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the children chose the one which they thought was most likely. They wrote about the reasons that they thought made the dinosaurs become extinct.

During the Stone Age section of the topic, we have been considering what types of homes man lived in during the three different periods of the Stone Age. We have looked at Paleolithic caves, Mesolithic tents and Neolithic early houses. For the Bronze Age section we considered how the development of metal affected the daily lives of the prehistoric people and the development of the roundhouses. For the Iron Age, we discussed the development of the hill fort and how the easier to source iron affected the people of this period.
We were extremely fortunate to trial a loan box system that has been put in place by Ipswich Museum, which contained artefacts from the Stone Age and some replicas from the Bronze and Iron Ages. I hope that you enjoy the pictures that follow!



In class we try to use some French every day.


The children have learnt how to:


Count to 20 in French

Say their name and age in French

Say hello and good bye; and then ask how somebody is feeling and answer how they are feeling.


1 - un

2 - deux

3 - trois

4 - quatre

5 - cinq

6 - six

7 - sept

8 - huit

9 - neuf

10 - dix

11 - onze

12 - douze

13 - treize

14 - quatorze

15 - quinze

16 - seize

17 - dix-sept

18 - dix-huit

19 - dix-neuf

20 - vingt


My name is ....   -   Je m'appelle ...

I am ... years old .... - J'ai ... ans

Hello - Bonjour

Good bye - Au revoir

How are you? - Ça va?

I am happy - Ça va bien

I am not happy - Ça va mal

I am neither happy or unhappy - Comme ci, comme ça


We are also starting to include the following classroom equipment words:


a pencil - un crayon

a pen - un stylo

a ruler - une règle

a pencil case - une trousse

a pencil sharpener - un taille crayon

a book - un livre

an exercise book - un cahier

a glue stick - un bâton de colle

Sound of the Week


Each week, I will regularly play the children some music - from many different time periods. The children have asked me to keep an updated list here, so that they can listen again to particular favourites.


Summer Weeks 1-3: 

Music from the Pharaoh's Golden Parade of 2021

A stunning introduction to our topic for the summer term!


Spring Weeks 6-8:

Carnival of the Animals by Camille Saint-Saens


Spring Week 5:

Folk and street dance fusion - Afro Bollywood by Street Dance


Spring Week 4:

Reich - Music for Pieces of Wood


Spring Week 3:

An incredible machine, to link our science, music and PE topics!


Spring Week 2:

More dancing animals to inspire the children with their take on animals and music.


Spring Week 1:

Not just a sound, but a ballet too! Perfectly linking our topic to dance in PE for Spring 1.



Autumn Week 13 and 14:

Any or all Christmas music!


Autumn Week 12:

Schubert - Quartettsatz


Autumn Week 11: Beethoven - Symphony No. 5


Autumn Week 10: London Symphony Orchestra KS2 Discovery Concert


Autumn Week 9: The Last Post and Rouse


Autumn Week 8: Handel - Music for the Royal Fireworks


Autumn Week 7: Stevie Wonder's greatest hits.


Autumn Week 6: Gospel music


Autumn Week 5: Greatest hits of Nat King Cole:


Autumn Week 4: Vivaldi - Autumn from The Four Seasons:


Autumn Week 3: Stone Age Music:


Autumn Week 2: The theme music from Jurassic Park. This needs no introduction to any of you, and it is one of the finest examples of John Williams wonderful film music output.


"Without John Williams, bikes don't fly, and neither do brooms in Quidditch matches, nor do men in red capes. There is no Force, dinosaurs do not walk the earth. We do not wonder, we do not weep, we do not believe." - Steven Spielberg


Autumn Week 0/1: The Impossible Orchestra playing Danzon No. 2. Quite simply the best remote project that I saw come out of the classical musical world during lockdown.

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