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The Mayans

During the Autumn Term Y6 will be learning about the life and history of the Mayan culture. In lessons we will be gaining an understanding of their timeline and key points in the history of the Mayans. We will be learning about how Mayan society was structured, what they ate, how their houses were built and exploring the different beliefs and values that the Maya people held. Mayan glyphs, maths and the decline of the Mayan civilisation will also be a key part of our learning.  


We would like to invite you to join in with your son/daughter to design a Mayan god as part of their ROK homework/project on Friday 14th October at 2.15 - 3.30pm. We will provide the creative materials and we very much look forward to you being able to join in with your child’s learning on this afternoon.  


Mayan gods were extremely important to the Maya people with their lives revolving around their belief system. Their cities had special temples where the people could go and offer the gods gifts.  


Ten Mayan gods 

  • Itzamna is a creator god who was one of the creators of human beings 

  • Kinich Ahau is the sun god 

  • Ix Chel is the goddess of medicine and midwifery 

  • Chaac is the god of rain and storms 

  • Ah Bolon Tzacab is the god of farming who is also associated with royal power 

  • Buluc Chabtan is the god of war, violence and sudden death 

  • Hun Hunahpu is the god of maize 

  • Awilix was the goddess of night and the moon 

  • Bahlam is the jaguar god of the underworld 

  • Colel Cab is the goddess of bees 


The homework will consist of three elements:



Use the links provided to help you research which gods the Mayans believed in and what each god did. Why did they have so many beliefs in different gods? What would you like your god to do?


Creative Media

Create your Mayan god/goddess! You can be as creative as you like and use whichever median you would like. You may decide to paint your god/goddess, make a model using clay or you can draw it - it is up to you! The more creative, the better.



Just like last years homework, you will have to present it to the class. The hand in date is Monday 12th December. Please do not bring it in before this date as we will have a class unveiling, listen to everybody's ideas and celebrate the creations together on this last week. 


Thank you for your support. We cannot wait to see your amazing work!