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Our science topics this term are forces and properties of materials.


In the Forces topic pupils will consider the forces of: gravity, air resistance, friction,water resistence and density. Forces surronding pulleys and levers will also be studied. Pupils will be asking scientific questions and following their own lines of enquiry. They will consider the effects of balanced, unbalanced and opposing forces and will be taking measurements and recording data. This topic will also link to our design and technology project to build a Ferris Wheel.


In the 'Properties of materials topic pupils will:consider properties of materials such as: rigidity, transparency, strength and asorbency  etc and will be linked to our art topic on textiles. Children will also look at insulating and conducting materials. Pupils will construct their own plans to test materials including which variables to control to ensure a fair test. 





How you can help at home.


Encourage children to consider and explore everyday materials you have around the house.

Encourage children to watch scientifc programmes on television.

Encourge children to read books and newspaper articles about scientific phenomena


Dissecting Flowers in our topic on lifecycles

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