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For the first half of the summer term in Science we will be continuing our investigation into plants, looking at growth and pollination. For the second half of the summer term we will be learning about light and linking this topic to the ancient Egyptian's use of sundials and shadows.


During the spring term we investigated forces and magnets, culminating with an experiment where we created a working compass using an empty yoghurt pot, foam from a pizza packet, pin and sticky tape. We followed this topic by starting an exploration of plants, working on our botanical drawing skills and learning about the different parts of a plant, including its reproductive parts.


We are explored rocks during the autumn term and are learnt about the three different types of rock and how they are formed.






We performed two experiments: 


We investigated what happened if we used sandpaper on a rock, and what happened if we put a rock into water.


We then investigated what happened if we pressed wax crayon shavings together, half melted them, and then fully melted them. We thus formed sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous 'crayons'.


We have written up our experiments using proper scientific principles: prediction, method, results and conclusion.

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