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Understanding Electrical Safety

Learning objectives:

  1. I understand the dangers of electricity.
  2. I can create safety posters to highlight the dangers to others.
  3. I am beginning to understand that electrical dangers are often associated with materials that are good conductors. 


This week we will be discovering more about electrical safety by using an online resource. 


Task 1:


Click on the link above, and visit every room in the virtual house, writing down all the dangers that you discover (some maybe repeated in different rooms).  This task should take you no more than 15 minutes to complete.

Which dangers did you see?  Did any of them surprise you?

Task 2:

Create a poster to remind others how to use electricity safely. Make it eye catching and bold to get the message across. Your poster will focus on the dangers you saw in the virtual house.  Choose your words for the poster carefully.  Look at the posters below.  Posters showing a potential hazard must get people's attention first, too many words might mean that people walk past without spending time reading on. Sketch your ideas out in rough first.  You could have one large DANGER at an angle, a clear picture, and then a smaller sentence to explain further.  Which colours will you use?  Remember to plan the size of your letters carefully (you don't want to start writing and then not be able to fit the whole word on the line). Warning posters need to be uncomplicated.


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