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Thematic Learning

Island Warriors

The Spring term sees the start of our Island topic. We cant wait to compare our island with Iceland, looking at geographic features, location, weather and animal habitats. 

Our class text, Song of the Dolphin Boy, helps us explore island life and the impact of humans on animal habitats. 


Disaster Strikes

During the Autumn term, the children explored life as a Roman, ending the term learning about Volcanoes.

The children will be explored the Romans in all aspects of their learning, from Roman Numerals in Maths, A Roman Story in Literacy, Roman Mosaics in Art, Roman soldier formations in Dance and Creating a Roman themed computer game, along with looking at the Roman Empire and ways of life in our topic lessons. 

French lessons

During the Autumn Term the children have learnt French numbers to 30, weather, days of the week, months of the year and begun to add it all together to create weather reports.

Below is one of their favourite songs.

Les sept jours de la semaine, Etienne