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Thematic Learning

Treasure Seekers

Welcome to the Spring Term!

Our teaching and learning over the Spring term will be around the theme 'Treasure Seekers' 


For the First part of the Spring term, we will be thinking about finding treasures, from the past and the present as well as in the famous novel 'Peter Pan'.


We will be learning about the Victorian era, comparing life then with life today. We will be visiting Christchurch Mansion, as this is a local period property which displays many Victorian artifacts and has Victorian rooms set up for us to explore. There we will be learning about life as a rich and poor Victorian, as well as exploring the toy room and comparing the toys with today;s selections. 

Back at school, we will be writing about our favourite toys, as well as designing and making toys from the past - thaumatopes, flip books, puppets and more!  


On our return, we will be creating our very own Victorian Mansion, using junk modelling to make the rooms and furniture. We will also be enjoying the story of Peter Pan, which starts in an old nursery from just after the Victorian era. We will be creating maps, mapping our school and mapping islands. We will even make island maps for our beebots to explore! We will also be writing our own adventure stories and describing the island and characters in the story. 


As the term goes on, we will be learning more about Victorian life and how school has changed. We will be holding our very own Victorian school day, practicing handwriting and using chalkboards , as well as making pancakes (as it is pancake day!) We will be researching Queen Victoria and writing about her. We will also be looking at pottery from this period, designing and creating our own special treasure pot and coin.

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