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Thursday - Letter to Mrs Rennison

Letter to Mrs Rennison - Planning


I'm sure you'll agree that this year has been extremely different for everyone! As we aren't doing the normal transition activities, I would like you to plan and write a letter to Mrs Rennison which tell her a bit more about yourself. The letter will need to be emailed to the school ( by Friday 17th July 2020.  This is not an optional task and must be completed by all pupils.


I'm sure you want to make a good impression on Mrs Rennison and missing the deadline would affect this. You may already know Mrs Rennison quite well, but this will be a great opportunity to show you are eager to get back into school and hit the floor running in year 6!




This letter, unlike your speech, is not trying to be persuasive and should just be factual. Today you will spend some time planning out the different points you will make. Planning writing is always a good thing before you begin - it will save you time!


Here are some areas which you may like to cover:


-Strengths in school


-Areas you would like to develop 


-Hobbies in or outside of school


-Information about home e.g. pets, family members


-What you are looking forward to next year


I'm not advising that this is written in this order - you will want to sequence it carefully.


This shouldn't be any longer than an A4 page on Word. You may want to type your ideas straight onto the computer and then you parents will be able to email this across to school on the email address I have provided above.

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