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Thursday - Sports Day!

Sports Day


I was hopeful that you may have been back in school before September, but that's obviously not that case. So, I thought it would be good for you to host your own Sports Day at home.


Before you begin, think about the events which you would like to host with your family or friends. Remember you'll need to keep a safe distance and it would be much safer/easier to do this with people within your household. Use the sheet to write down the events you'd like to host. You can think back to the things you did last year at Holbrook for Sports Day, including the track and field events too.


You may want to use this link to create some bunting which could be put up. This will set the tone for your event. I know some of you have been doing textile work at home... You might even want to make something which you can stitch/sew together using the equipment you have at home.


You could hold a quiz for your parents! See how many answers they manage to get and then provide a prize for the winner. This could be completed before or after your event.


People will build up an appetite if they are running about. Could you find a recipe to make a cake or possibly put together some sandwiches for the competitors to have? Take a look at the recipe ideas which can be found on the different class pages which have been written by the Teaching Assistants at Holbrook!


Here are some certificates you may wish to award the competitors. 


You may also want to provide the winner with their own certifcate. Think carefully about how you will score each of the events and make sure these are recorded accurately!

New World Record for Usain Bolt from Universal Sports

Something to get you inspired!

2012: World Record Aries Merritt 110m hurdles

I'm sure you'll experience the same atmosphere in your garden!

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