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Thursday - English

Thursday - English


On Monday you may have listened and learnt the song about Anansi the Spider. Today we are going to listen to a short story about Anansi. You can read the story too, as you are listening to it.

Anansi and His Sons

Full text: Anansi and his Sons

The telling of the story is based on the version told in the book Anansi the Spider: A Tale from the Ashanti by Gerald McDermott.


Time was, Anansi the Spider had six sons…


The first son was called ‘See Trouble’. He had the gift of seeing trouble a long way off. Second son was ‘Road Builder’. Third son was ‘River Drinker’. The next son was ‘Game Skinner’. Another son was ‘Stone Thrower’. And the last of his sons was ‘Cushion’. He was very soft.


One time, Anansi the Spider went a long way from home. He got lost. He fell into trouble. Back home was son ‘See Trouble’. “Father is in danger!” he cried. He knew it quickly and he told his brothers.


Road Builder son said, “Follow me!” Off he went making a road. They went fast to help Anansi, those six spider-brothers.

“Where is father now?”

“Fish has swallowed him!”

So River Drinker took a big drink. No more river. Then Game Skinner split open Fish and helped Anansi out.


More trouble came, right then. Falcon took Anansi up into the sky. “Quick now, Stone Thrower!” Stone Thrower threw a stone. It hit Falcon. Anansi fell from the sky. Now Cushion ran to help his spider-father. Very soft, Anansi came down on top of Cushion.


They were very happy again, that spider family. All home again that night, Anansi found a thing in the forest. A great globe of silver light. “O mysterious and beautiful! I shall give this to my son,” said Anansi. “To the son who rescued me!” But which of his six sons deserves the prize? “God, can you help me? O God!” called Anansi.


Anansi asked God: “Please hold the beautiful globe of light until I know which son should have it for his own.” And so Anansi and his sons tried to decide which son deserved the prize. But they could not decide. So God took the beautiful white light up into the sky and kept it there for all to see. It is the moon. It is still there. It will always be there. It is there tonight.


Anansi is a folk story hero from West Africa. The Anansi stories originally came from Ghana, but now can be found all over West Africa, and around the world. ·


1- Can you find West Africa and Ghana using online mapping software or the map in the Anansi the Spider PowerPoint presentation?


2- How many sons does Anansi have? Can you remember their names?


3- Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation and look at the pictures of each of the six sons. Can you think of a good action for each of these sons, which match their names?


1. See Trouble can ‘see trouble’ coming a way off. Perhaps he has good eye sight, or some sort of mystical ability.

2. Road Builder is good at building paths and roads.

3. River Drinker is good at drinking water.

4. Game Skinner is good at cutting off the skin and butchering an animal they have hunted.

5. Stone Thrower is good at throwing stones.

6. Cushion is very soft.


4- See if you can retell the story, using actions each time a different son is mentioned. 

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