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River of Knowledge

Spring 2021


Our River of Knowledge topic for this term is Going Green - Holiday Here!


We will be using the classic works of Beatrix Potter, alongside the poetry of William Wordsworth and the writings and art of Alfred Wainwright as a launchpad and inspiration for the work that we will be doing on this topic.


We will increase our geographical knowledge of the Lake District, looking at land distribution, positive and negative effects of tourism and fieldwork as well as learning how to read and draw maps.

Autumn 2020


The children began the Autumn topic of The Rise of Humans by exploring the Mesozoic Era and creating a timeline of the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods. They spent time discovering which dinosaurs lived during these periods and made a model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex head; out of a recycled milk bottle, masking tape and poster paint.

We discussed the three most likely causes of the extinction of the dinosaurs, and the children chose the one which they thought was most likely. They wrote about the reasons that they thought made the dinosaurs become extinct.

During the Stone Age section of the topic, we have been considering what types of homes man lived in during the three different periods of the Stone Age. We have looked at Paleolithic caves, Mesolithic tents and Neolithic early houses. For the Bronze Age section we considered how the development of metal affected the daily lives of the prehistoric people and the development of the roundhouses. For the Iron Age, we discussed the development of the hill fort and how the easier to source iron affected the people of this period.
We were extremely fortunate to trial a loan box system that has been put in place by Ipswich Museum, which contained artefacts from the Stone Age and some replicas from the Bronze and Iron Ages. I hope that you enjoy the pictures that follow!

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