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Children should continue with their project on South America:


At the end of the project children will have used secondary sources e.g. internet, books, maps to find out about South America.


Watch: South America destination world South America geography/South American countries


The project can be presented in any format you wish e.g. poster, power point, leaflet, fact file, news report, Non chronological report etc.


But it must include information on:


  • Which hemisphere South America is in
  • Longitude and latitude of some of the major cities
  • Major rivers
  • Habitats and wildlife (science link)
  • Climate


Other things you could research:

  • What type of crops and goods does the country grow and export (trade)?
  • What are the main some of the main tourist attractions (tourism)?
  • Culture - traditional dance, traditional clothes, food 
  • Social geography - population sizes, jobs, education systems 
  • other physical features - mountains, lakes
  • Natural disasters - Earthquakes, volcanoes

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