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Tuesday - Speech Writing

Team Captain Nominations - Speech Writing


Today I would like you to plan a speech which will persuade people to nominate you for the role of Team Captain from September 2020.  This must be completed and brought into school when you arrive back in September - Mrs Rennison will be expecting to see these.


The Team Captain, from all team colours, are important pupils in school. They should be a role model towards others and also bring new ideas forward. It shouldn't just be a natural course that everyone holds this position. Team Captains should lead the way and demonstrate a great approach within school. What qualities do you think a Team Captain should possess? They need to be responsible, mature and exemplary in all aspects of school life. It is also important that they are able to identify where they have areas they need develop and show they are keen to improve upon these.


You may want to create a planning sheet where you can mind-map different points you would like to get across. It would be worth jotting down all ideas and remember that you are trying to persuade your audience. Here are some ideas of key areas you might want to include:


-Your approach to learning / behaviour in class 


-Interests outside of school


-Ideas you would like to bring foward as Team Captain


-How you will support other pupils in all year groups


-How you will deal with any problems which arise


-What area you would like to develop personally - something in or out of school

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