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Tuesday - Animation or Music?



Before you begin, get an adult to find a variety of things around you home like food items, clothes or small electrical items. Put these into a bag, take the items out of the bag and think about/ guess where these items come from/ were made. What other things do we get from other countries? e.g. fruit, clothes, etc Think about what else we can share from other countries. e.g. music influences, types of foods native to other countries, opportunities to learn about other cultures, sports, dance, etc Recognise that we are able to share in a number of things from other countries and there are many influences in our daily life from other countries and how this can be to our benefit.  

Think about what we might be able to offer to other countries, e.g. music, food specific to UK, aid, medical supplies, etc. We are able to share a number of things from and with other countries but also sometimes we are able offer further support to countries/people in other countries that might be in crisis or need support. What examples can you think of when you have raised money for charity, taken part in a community event or tried to support others. What ways might we share in other cultures? How are our lives influenced by other cultures? Take a clip at the advert below. It doesn't link to how we help humans but more about conservation of animals:

FOUR PAWS UK | Big Cat TV Advert | Animal Charity

Have you been involved in raising money for charity? You are now going to have a challenge to devise an event or activity that could raise money for charity. They might relate to things you could do when lockdown is relaxed completely or something which could be completed during this time.


You will have seen Captain Tom raising millions of pounds for the N.H.S. What's your big idea!?


Here's a planning sheet you could use...

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