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Tuesday - English

Tuesday - English

Today we are going to read the rest of the book 'Tasty Travels'. 


1. What do Spanish eat lots of in the summer?

2. What do people eat in winter and spring? 


3.What did Glenn enjoy eating on the train?

4. What do vegetarians eat lots of in India?


5. Name 4 of the ingredients needed in lentil dhal.

6. How long do you need to boil the lentils for?


7. What is a traditional dish of New Zealand and Australia?

8. What did Glenn do on Christmas day in Australia? 

9. Which animal did aboriginal people hint in Australia?

10. What crop did European people start growing when they moved to Australia? 

Then watch and work through the following video about imperative verbs/bossy verbs. 


This video will teach children about Imperative verbs; what they are and how we use them. Children will then have a go at identifying the imperative verbs.

Can you make a list of 10 imperative / bossy verbs?

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