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Tuesday - Maths

Tuesday Maths - Pictograms

Today we are going to be looking and creating pictograms.

Here is a pictogram. Can you see the 2 unfinished pieces? What should go in the missing space? 

Once you have worked out the missing data, we can tell the story about the data...

Black hair is the most common hair colour and ginger hair is the least common hair colour. There are 8 people with brown hair. This data shows the hair colour of 30 people altogether. 

Can you work out the missing data in the following pictograms and talk about or write sentences about what the data shows.


Sometimes pictograms can be drawn a slightly different way. What is different about the pictogram below to the ones above? 

Now see if you can create a pictogram for the following basketball scoring data. You could create a horizontal pictogram (going across) or a vertical pictogram (going up).

Here is a vertical pictogram that has been started... 

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