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Tuesday - Reading

Tuesday - Reading

Today listen to the story of Anna Hibiscus again and answer the following questions about the story.


1- Where does Anna Hibiscus live?

2- What tree was Anna sitting in at the start of the story?

3- Name something Anna can see from the tree. 

4- What does Anna shout to her grandparents? 

5- What are the aunties doing, which Anna helps with?

6- Why does Anna's happiness grow when she is helping her aunties?

7- What does Anna try to do with her cousins? 

8- What does Anna do with her uncle? 

9- What does Anna say will happen to her, because she is so happy?

10- What happens when she is back in the mango tree? 

Anna Hibiscus' Song Storybook /read by Kate Iffy

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