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Wednesday - Reading

Whilst you are busy writing the ending for East of the Sun, West of the Moon, we are going to look at non-fiction cold place book- Our Siberian Journey. Read and enjoy up to page 15 of the following book and then answer the questions at the bottom. 










1. What is a contents page for?

2. What is Bryan's profession (job)? (page 4)

3. What did Bryan pack and how did he travel to Siberia? (page 5)

4. What do the Nenet people farm reindeer for? (page 6)

5. When they went on the long journey, how did Bryan describe the forest? (page 9)

6. What time did they have to wake up to cross the huge river? (page 10)

7. Why didn't they sink when the crossed the river? (page 14)

8. Which predators do they need to keep the baby reindeer safe from? (page 15)

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