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If you are a person who is not coming into school or a person who is in Bubble B you just need to continue with the research you started on Monday.


If you are in Bubble A you need to start the research which will continue tomorrow.


I would like you to conduct some research into bridges which will provide a context for our upcoming DT project and will help to inform your bridge designs.


1. You need to make a list of the different types of bridges that exist in the world e.g. cantilever, arch, beam etc.

2. you need to find some famous examples of each type of bridge e.g. an arch bridge = The Sydney Harbour bridge in Australia.

3. You need to look at how some of these bridges are constructed.


You can present you findings in a format of your own choosing e.g. report, poster, drawings, power point etc.


This research is being set over 2 days.

For children not coming into school - Monday & Wednesday

For Bubble A - Wednesday and Thursday

For Bubble B- Monday and Wednesday


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