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Wednesday - Speech Writing

Persuasive Speech Writing


Today it's time to begin writing your speech for Team Captain nominations. Take a look back over your plan and refresh your memory. Try and group the different points you have made so they are in clear sections. Remember, when writing, we change the paragrah when we have a new topic, time, place or speaker.


Writing a persuasive speech is very different to just writing a story. There are a number of features which you will find when looking at persuasive texts/speeches. Take a look at the examples below and see how many of these you can include in your speech:

Using this information, please take a look at the video clip below. How many persuasive features can you find in it? Use the checklist above to identify any of these features. Are there any missing?


This is example is about climate change and is presented by Leonardo DiCarprio. There are lots of persuasive features in this, quite a few of these within the first opening seconds! You may recognise him from a variety of different films.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Powerful Climate Summit Speech

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