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Wednesday - Supporting Charities





Find out what the 10 longest rivers are in the world and record your findings in a table format. Include information on length and which country and continent they are in.

Mark these rivers on the world map (optional)


Which rivers did these explorers discover and when?

  • David Livingstone (Zambezi)
  • Hernando de Soto (Mississippi)
  • Francisco de Orellana (Amazon)
  • Diogo Cão (Congo)
  • John Hanning Speke (the source of the Nile )
  • Antonio de Faria (the Mekong)


Imagine someone is going to explore these places. Linking back to last week, use Garage Band (composition app) to record a piece of music which would tell us about their journey




use Stop Motion Animation to show what adventures/dangers they would come across when going to the Amazon or Nile river, for example. You can use props and backdrops to set the scene.


Share any of your examples with an adult at home or maybe show someone outside of your household, at a safe distance!

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