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Wednesday - English

Wednesday - English 

Today we are going to read the rest of the 'Tasty Travels' book and then write some sentences using imperative/bossy verbs. 

1. Where does Glenn want to visit?

2. What did he eat when he was a teacher in London?

3. What does a plantain look like?


4. Name 4 ingredients needed to make the jerk chicken meal.

5. What does rice contain which provides energy?  

6.What do you need to do whilst the chicken in roasting?


7. Where does Glenn live now?

8. What is this recipe for?

9. What do you have to do with the butter and flour?

10. How long do the scones take to bake?

Activity - Imperative Verb Detectives

Now you have finished the book, we are going to learn a little more about imperative/bossy verbs. Watch the following video and write a list of all the imperative/bossy verb the presenter uses when he tells you what do do. 

Writing instructions with Stefan Gates

Now you have a list of imperative verbs, pick 6 of these to write your own sentences. These can be sill sentences! 


Here are two examples:

Pour the golden syrup into the bath. 

Mix the sand with the sugar and leave in the fridge.

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