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Wednesday - Science

Science - Wednesday


In science this week we are going to be thinking about our bodies and what makes up our bodies.


Activity 1 (This is one of our favourite activities for the start of this session!)

Start by drawing a human body - what is our body made up of? Can you name any organs inside our body? We'll give you one to get you started....the brain! Where is the brain? What do you think it looks like?

Have a go and draw whatever you know and can remember about our bodies! 


Activity 2

Now for the learning. Watch the following videos to learn a little more about our bodies and what makes them work...


BBC Learning - Parts of the Human Body

BBC Learning - Major Organs of the Human Body

Have a look at the following powerpoint to learn more about the major organs...

Activity 3

Now see what you have learnt about the human body and the major organs! It's time to draw or create another image of the human body, using all your learning to help. You will be able to compare it to the picture drawn at the start of the session and see how much you have learnt! 


There is a sheet you can print to label and colour in the organs, if you like. Or get really creative and make a model or collage showing the human body. Some ideas are below! 

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