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Week 1 23.3.20



How many examples of contractions can you remember? Off the top of my head, I can think of ten... who can find more than me? Write the contraction and then the full more formal version e.g.


Shouldn't = should not

Can't= can not


Extension: when else are apostrophes used in English? Write 10 sentences to show use of apostrophes other than for a contraction... try to make the sentences about our class text, Holes, or your topic, Saving the Planet: Defining the Future e.g.


The Government's aim for net zero carbon emissions is on track to meet its 2050 target will result in a better planet for future generations.


The Camp Green Lake inmates' mood began to change once they realised that they could support each other and rise against the adults who were manipulating them.




Try to read for at least 30 minutes every day - sharing a range of texts and taking it in turns to read or be read to.


There are some great websites, where you can access books to read with your child. 


1. Use Oxford Owl my class log in at for their library of free e-books. You can select the age for differing levels of texts and there are non-fiction and fiction to choose from. 


Please use the username : holbrooky2

Password: booksy2


2. Use epic - log in as a student using the pupil code -  gyq1829

Select your name and then an adult will need to input details for remote access. It says it will be free until the end of the school year. 


Holes reading comprehension questions

Answer these comprehension questions about our class text Holes.



While you are answering the questions, think carefully about which question type you are answering e.g. summarising, retrieval, inference etc. 


Reading challenges

Complete a reading challenge from your home reading diary each day this week. Try to complete a range of reading challenges so that you are using the different reading comprehension skills that we have learnt in school.


Book reviews

Write a book review for for a novel that you have read recently. Ask a parent if you can contact a friend and share your book review with them to see if they would like to read the book as well. 






Holes reading comprehension questions

Reflective reading challenges


You are probably a bit fed up with Coronavirus by now; however, everything that is happening at the moment will be written about in History books in the future. For this reason, I have decided to keep a personal diary of my experience during this crazy time. As Year 6 pupils, you need to be aware of news and current affairs so keep an eye on the news by checking child-friendly websites such as I would also like you to keep your own daily diaries which summarise the events taking place and include your own experiences, thoughts and feelings.... you never know your diary could be found in 100 years time and displayed as an important exhibit in a major museum.



Write an alternative ending to Chapter 32 of Holes after Stanley has crashed the car. What could have happened instead? Could Mr Sir have chased him? The only barrier to this task is your imagination! You can include a picture too.


Write a persuasive letter to the Government asking them to protect our planet by investing more into sustainable energy sources. Use the persuasive techniques that we have already learnt about in our English lessons e.g. groups of three (adjectives), rhetorical questions, emotive language and flattery. 


As Year 6 have already covered most of the year 6 curriculum in class the work set this week is revision of concepts already taught.

I would like the children to:

  • revisit place value including decimals with up to 3 decimal places
  • read, write and compare numbers up to 10 000 000 and determine the value of each digit
  • Use negative numbers in context and calculate intervals across zero 

Please see the attached documents. Children should aim to complete 5 x 1 hour of maths each day. However you will see that there is plenty of work attached for the more enthusiastic - and I have marked these documents as extras.


In addition to this I have sent home some 'Inspire maths books' these were spares. I do not intend to set any work from these, the children can dip into these if they wish to do so, it is really a case of the children being provided with additional materials if they want them.Inspire maths can sometimes be difficult so would be useful for those children who like a challenge.

Also I have said to the children that they no longer need to follow the timetable I set for the Achieve 100 books and that they can now just work through these are that own pace. There are answers in the books so that parents and/or children can mark any completed work.



As part of our topic on saving the planet we have so far looked at some of the problems facing the world today. We had moved on to looking at some of the ways we can help including up cycling. The attached document details an activity which will require the children to use their imagination and do some up cycling hopefully it should be fun.


Please see the attached. There is a small experiment for those who are feeling adventurous

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