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Week 1 23.3.20

Year 4 - Week 1 23.3.20

Here are some ideas to keep you focused this week. I know you will be trying your best, as always, you can do this Year 4! Show your parents how amazing I know you are. Let them see your enthusiasm for learning and the pride when you achieve something, especially when you need resilience to begin with. I will phone you during the week to check that you are doing ok, so write down anything you are unsure of so I can discuss it with you then. 

Missing you already, Mrs Clubb




Last week in school, you looked for words using the suffixes -  'sion, cian, tion, ssion.

You will probably have noticed that some words used ‘-ation’ as well. Sort the words into their suffix groups.    Can you find any patterns or rules that will help us know which one to use? 


Can you explain what happens when 'ation' is added to the root word.

I will add the answers later in the week!

Picture 1


Whenever possible, reading would benefit from being read to and discussed with an adult.

Read the dolphin boy book a few pages at a time - Up to page 133. Maybe complete one challenge a day!

Page 121 -Answer some of the questions sent home. (Record or discuss)

Page 123 -Stop at key points and make predictions.

Page 127 -Discuss how Charlie is changing and why?

Page 131 -Create a poster representing the Light House Crew’s plan. (Predict it!)

Page 133 – Look at all the ‘said’s’ that the author uses!  Think of some ideas on how to change them.  Practise reading aloud using expression linked to your said choices. (e.g. bellowed, screamed, whispered, cried, muttered)


Find out about the key features of a newspaper report.

Plan a newspaper report of your own, explaining how the Light House Crew saved the dolphins.

Include a heading, introduction, description of the events, quotes and a summary.

See links below for suggested planning format to support structure, break down of tasks into sessions and word mats if you would like support.

Extension ideas – Write newspaper reports about other events from the real world or another book you have read.


Topic – Time

Practise reading the time on analogue clocks (clock faces)

Practise reading the time on digital 12 hour and 24 hour clocks.

Match or convert digital and analogue times.

Time activities in seconds – record results in a table.

Time the number of times activities can be undertaken in a minute – record results. (e.g. star jumps, laps of the garden, obstacle course) 

Read time tables – eg. Bus time table – how long does a journey take? (choose 1 star, 2 star or 3 star challenge - the more stars, trickier it is!)

See links below for suggested Maths resources and planning, if you would like support to structure the breakdown of tasks and organisation ideas.



Find out about any one of the amazing geographical features in Iceland. Where is it, what is it like? Why is it worth seeing?


Can you explain why I should visit that geyser, glacier or volcano?

Maybe use ICT to present it -make an imovie or powerpoint.

Features we have learnt are: Glaciers, hot springs, geysers, lava fields, volcanoes.



Design an animal who could survive environmental changes. (extreme weather changes, change in environment- man made or natural, higher water levels, volcanoes erupting etc)  Label the features.

e.g.  webbed feet so can swim and walk on land.

Gills that can close to allow breathing in and out of water.

A pouch to store food or water in in case of storages,  scooped claws allowing excellent digging so can find water.


See Iceland Menu for further ideas that you may enjoy for this week.