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Week 1 23/03/20

Year 5 - Week 1 Monday 23rd March 2020

Please have a go at these activities. DON'T spend ages doing these. I would advise that you do about 2 hours of English/Maths per day and that you do another subject too from the bottom box 'Topic/Other subject areas'.


Please remember to have brain breaks and look at my ideas on the previous page! Please also try out lots of the interactive games I have created links for on the previous page, if you have finished the activities.


Please read Chapter 31 of Holes. Create a mind map in your book of what you predict has happened to Hector Zeroni (Zero). Please provide evidence of why you have made these points. Remember: Evidence – Point – Explanation. (Use a ruler and pen to neatly do this!)


Read Chapter 32 of Holes. What impression do you get of the new campmate at Camp Green Lake? Draw a picture of Twitch in your book and label some of his features.


Read Chapter 33 and 34 of Holes. Draw an emotion graph in your book of what Stanley would be feeling like during this part of the story. Label where his emotions change and explain why! You may even want to add some illustrations too.


Based on what you have read in Chapter 31, please write the next chapter and predict what you think has happened to Zero. Your writing will include speech. Take a look at how speech is used below.


"Where is he?" the Warden said.

The Warden said, "Where is he?"

"Find Zero," the Warden said, "because we can't let the paper know about him going missing."


Write an alternative ending to Chapter 32 after Stanley has crashed the car. What could have happened instead? Could Mr Sir have chased him? The only barrier to this task is your imagination! You can include a picture too.


Write a diary entry for Stanley, in first person, and explain the emotions he is feeling. This will link well to the starter activity which you have completed today.


Please explore words which contain 'ei' or 'ie'. What do these sound like? Can you mind map different examples and try and write them in a context. We often remember 'i before e, except after c'. However, this isn't always the case!


Play one of the interactive games which will help you with your times table knowledge. These can all be found below on this page. Quick recall of times table facts is really important to make you improve! Complete the place value sheet which can be found below. Record answers in your book.

Challenge: Please try some questions from Pupil Textbook 5A from page 2 – 5.


Look at the ODD ONE OUT on this page under ‘Maths Starters’. Write down which number is the odd one out and provide an explanation.

Then, do a times table dance for the 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 times table. How quick can you be?

Finally, complete the addition and subtraction questions below. Record your answers in your exercise book and share these with an adult!

Challenge: Please try some questions from Pupil Textbook 5A from page 34 – 35.


Look at the maths starter slides. Look at the slide about POGs for 2D shapes. Draw and write examples of peculiar and obvious 2D shapes. Also, explain what the general rule/explanation is for 2D shapes. 

Then, play the memory times table game. You can find it by clicking HERE.

Finally, complete the multiplication and division questions which can be found below. Record your answers in your exercise book and share these with an adult!

Challenge: Please try some questions from Pupil Textbook 5A from page 57 – 58.



Topic/Other Subjects

We can stay healthy in a number of ways: exercise, diet and promoting mental wellbeing. Create two plates of food. Make one of them healthy and one unhealthy – label the items and explain why they are healthy/unhealthy.


Create an obstacle course which you can complete in your garden or outside space at home. Please make sure you have a responsible adult with you so you don’t have any accidents! This is really important – I don’t want you hurdling over barbed wire!! Time how long it takes you to do one lap. Time how fast you are during the second lap. Does your time improve or not? Can you explain why you think this is happening? Could you race against someone else? Record your lap times.


Go out in the garden and create a structure which would attract bugs and mini beasts. Think about the natural materials you could use in your garden and discuss with someone else what you predict might use it.

Challenge: Take a picture of your structure and annotate the different features.

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