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Week 10 29.6.20

Year 3 - Summer Week 10 - 29.6.20

Good morning Year 3,

It was wonderful to see those of you that were able to join our zoom call last Monday and to hear how you've been enjoying learning about the Ancient Greeks and the activities we've set.  We also loved hearing about the other things that you've been up to and the work that you shared.  You were all so polite and respectful to one another, putting up your hands and waiting to speak.  If you weren't able to join us last week, we're both hoping to see you today at 4 p.m. Mrs Terry will be hosting and controlling the audio. Remember that every noise in the background can be heard by all so try to find a quiet place.  Ask an adult at home to help you log on to the call via the invite sent out on Friday.  If you feel a little shy about having the camera on, you can join without it and participate via the audio.  

We look forward to seeing you all later on!

Mrs Johns and Mrs Terry

This week's key worker timetable:


Mrs Thompson


Mrs Terry


Mrs Terry


Mrs Johns


Mrs Johns

DT Humanities P.E. Science


with Mrs Kerr

  PSHE French


(painting our pots)

Forest School



English - Reading and Writing 


This week we are starting a new topic on measure.  You will investigate which items weight the most and which hold the most volume.  We've set you some practical tasks to do so it's not all worksheets.  For more practice of reading scales and weighing out different amounts, carry out the cookery task for this week.

Begin each session by warming up with one of the starter activity slides below:


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