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Week 10 - 29.6.20

Year 1 - Summer Week 10 - 29.6.20



Start each phonics session by playing some games and reviewing all the graphemes (letter spellings), making all the possible phonemes (sounds).

Username : march20                           Password : home

This week we are looking at the 'oi' (as in coin) and 'r' phonemes and the different graphemes used to make these sounds in different words.

English - Reading and Writing 

Continue to share a range of texts and taking it in turns to read or be read to.

Oxford Owl - username : holbrooky1          Password: booksy1

This week we are going to be reading and writing our own recipes, using instructional language. If you get a chance, see if you can make the following African stew, which perhaps Anna Hibiscus and her family may enjoy in Africa! 

Afternoon Activities 

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