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Week 2 - 27.4.20

Year 1 - Summer Week 2 27.4.20


Passports Please!


This week we are going to continue to virtually visit a country in the United Kingdom - Scotland. We are going to be watching short film clips and looking at photographs to help us learn about this amazing country, neighbouring England. 



It was lovely to speak to so many of you last week and hear about the exciting Easter holiday you just enjoyed. What perfect weather we have had to enjoy much time outside!  After a break it is always hard to get back to work, but hopefully this week we will all be raring to go again and excited to get learning. 


An exciting blog is in the process of being set up, which you will be able to use to post pictures, work and anything else you would like to share with your classmates and me. I will be speaking to you and your families about this during our chats. 


Speak you you all soon!


Mrs Allsop and Mrs Thompson



Start each phonics session by playing some games and reviewing all the graphemes (letter spellings), making all the possible phonemes (sounds).

Username : march20                           Password : home

Phonics Focus: y and ou



This week practice words with the 'y' grapheme and the 'ou' grapheme. Maybe pick either 'ou' or 'y' to focus on for 2 days each and then go over both on the Friday, playing games like bingo, hangman or creating your own word search!


These spellings can make different phonemes (sounds). 


The y grapheme can make a 'y', an 'igh', an 'ee' or an 'i' sound. Words might include 'yellow and yp-yo' or 'my and crying' or 'sunny and puppy' or 'gym and crystal'. 


The ou grapheme can make an 'ow', 'oo' (long), 'oo' (short) or 'oa' sound. Words might include 'proud and mountain' or 'soup and toucan' or 'would and could' or 'shoulder and mould'.


Log into phonics play to play Cheeky chimps - where you need to read the words and match the banana to the chimp with a word containing the same phoneme (sound).


Also, there are some activities below which work on the y and ou sounds...


Continue to try to read daily - sharing a range of texts and taking it in turns to read or be read to.


1. Use Oxford Owl - username : holbrooky1          Password: booksy1


This week we would like you to continue to explore Scotland and create some kind of promotion for Scotland! You can talk about all of Scotland or you can choose to research a particular place in Scotland, such as Edinburgh, the Isle of Skye or the Orkney Islands.


You could make a poster, a leaflet, a fact file, a PowerPoint or anything else to show off the best of Scotland! 


Here are some examples of other promotion ideas, which you could use...

Scotland Research Videos and Websites

Here are some great videos showing different locations in Scotland and different websites all about Scotland, which will help with your research.

Your Promotion of Scotland 

You can use the templates to help you or you can make up your own template, poster, Power Point or other! 


Continue to practice counting on and back in 2s, 5s and 10s. If confident, move onto times table practice - recalling their 2 and 10 times table in order and then in a random order (1 x 2, 2 x 2 , 3 x 2 and then 5 x 2, 8 x 2, 2 x 2)


They can practice both verbally and also use the following games to practice. 

Daily Maths Focus Idea - Fractions

This week we would like the children to practice a range of their maths skills, using the plans from White Rose. This Week the focus is on fractions. They will be asked to find a half and then to move on to quarters.



Click on the following link to see daily learning ideas and tasks and work through what you can.

Here are some ideas to make this work interactive:


* Find some food items (skittles, pasta shells, raisins) and share them out into half and then quarters.

* Go outside and collect nature to share out - stones, leaves, twigs etc.

* Try sharing odd and even numbers between 2 - what do you find?

* Draw or paint some butterflies and share shapes between the wings (4 circles, 6 squares, 8 pentagons etc)

* Cut some food up to make it into halves and quarters. 


Art and Design

This week we would like you to focus on your art skills. 

First, we would like you to carry out a...

Material Hunt - Fabrics

Step 1

Collect different fabrics, like clothing, from around the house- make sure there are labels on them. How many materials can you find which have been used to make these fabric items? 


Step 2

Then research where these fabrics are from - what are they made from? How are they made?


Here is an amazing video which shows fabric being made from old plastic bottles!!

Step 3 - Get Creative

Do you have any old clothes around your house or any old material items? Could you recycle any of these items and turn them into something new? 


Here are some ideas. Could you make any of these? 

Practice some weaving, using strips of fabric or thread of some kind...

Have a go at making your own recycled kilts!

Weave with nature and fabric!

Create your own dreamcatcher.

Recycle an old CD to make a weaved decoration.


Oh no! Katie's neighbour's shed has been blown down on the Isle of Struay! Can you help to design and build a new shed?



Which materials could be used? Wood? Metal? Plastic? Paper? Cardboard? Just one material type of a mixture? What about the roof?


What shape could it be? A cylinder? Cube? Cuboid? Pyramid?


Once you have build your shed, could you test it would withstand rain and wind - you could use a hairdryer or fan to test the strength against wind and a watering can to test whether it is waterproof.


Please upload any shed building attempts to your blog as it would be great to see photos and hear whether they successfully withstood the rain and wind! 

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