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Week 2 30.3.20

Well done to all of those that tried their best to compete the Week 1 learning. It was lovely to hear all about the things you have been trying or achieved this week, A few things I found out this week, Emma was writing a Newspaper about the farm, Hugo was still running the daily Mile, Isaac tried to rescue a pigeon, Stella timed her dog eating a cracker, Elise made all her family run laps of the garden, Halle had a day of forest school, Ruben has been out walking and Elizabeth has been exercising with her Mum. 

I hope that you have had a great weekend and look forward to hearing about it when I call during the week. Missing you so much, but know you will be making me proud. Stay Safe, Mrs Clubb

Week 2 - 30th March


Practise all the Year 3 and 4 spellings. If someone is available, ask them to test you so you know which ones to focus on. Maybe get someone to test you on 20 a day and then work on ones you were unsure of. The list is below, you can tick the spellings you are confident with.


Whenever possible, reading would benefit from being read to and discussed with an adult.

Read the dolphin boy book a few pages at a time - Complete one challenge a day!

Before reading Chapter 10 – Vocab check. Do you know the following words? Look up the definitions or write your own  -  awestruck, aggrieved, statistics, protest, hoarsely, rootling, obliged, jubilantly, ruefully, dismay,

Chapter 10 – Make Jaz’s poster. What information should they include?

Chapter 11page 145 – Do you think Charlie has changed? How/Why? Will quickly he revert back to the same as before? How do you know/why?

Pages 145 – 149  - Describe Mrs Lamb. What is she like? Is she a good parent? Why/why not? Use examples from the text.

Page 150  - Why does Finn leave the light house so abruptly? How does he feel, what might he be thinking? What clues are in the text to tell you how he feels?  Page 150 - 154 - Think about what the children may or may not achieve. Will their posters work? Will the run into any obstacles, will it be too late etc. Write the next part of the story.




Watch the video about subordinate and relative clauses.

I SAW A WUBUB – Can you remember all the subordinating conjunctions? Remember you can use them at the beginning with a comma and to join information to the main clause.  Poster in links below – you could create your own.

Practise using subordinating conjunctions in sentences – underline the subordinate phrase. e.g.  Finn watched the sleek dolphins that swam effortlessly through the water.    Although he was scared, Finn jumped into the cold ocean.


Write a letter to the supermarket or the footballer to persuade them to rethink releasing of the balloons. How persuasive can you be? Think about the work we did in class – (introduction, points -  Use PEEL – Point, Explain, Example, Link back and then Summarise.) Try to use subordinating conjunctions. The dolphins could be at serious risk if you release the balloons.

See persuasive word mat for ideas and letter format sheet below.



Daily: Practise 8 and 9 times tables.

Maths Topic – Column Methods / Money

Practise adding two 4 digit numbers together using column method.

Practise multiplying a 2 digit or 3 digit number by 1 digit using column method.  Use a calculator to check your own answers.

Recap Money – name the coins. How many different ways can find to make £3.55 using only coins. What about £15.66 using only coins or coins & notes?

Money Bag challenge. Show me how much you will put in each bag and how you can make each amount.

Work through some of money reasoning slides.





Think about the dangers of smoking and alcohol that we learnt about in class. Create something to warn others of the dangers. (some examples - a power point, leaflet, poster, information sheet, persuasive letter, banner, advert) Include as many facts and reasons as you can. See power-points in the links to refer to for information or carry out your own research



Become a meteorologist. Record and document the weather during the week.

Think about cloud/sun coverage, temperature, seasonal changes, rainfall.

Create a chart to record your findings, make a rain gauge using empty bottle and measure, check the temp using weather app or thermometer.  Take photos of the weather to add to your presentation.

Decide how to present your weather for the week using technology if available. (using PowerPoint, imovie, publisher/word, excel to graph etc)



L.O.: To plan positive changes to your local environment and to be able to explain why you have made those changes.

This week I would like you to think about how you could make an area of your garden more wildlife friendly? 

First of all, choose an area outside of your house e.g. in your front garden, back garden, balcony, a side area that isn't used much.  Consider the following questions : What is there now? Do any living things currently use the space? Does it have any positive impact on wildlife as it is now? Is there a source of water nearby? A dangerous road? Does it have sunlight or is it in the shade? Who walks through this space? How could it be redesigned to benefit wildlife?


  1. Have a go at drawing a bird’s eye view of your chosen area.   What shape is it?  Include on it any immovable objects. Think of 5 different living things (plants, minibeasts and animals) that might use this space if it was changed for the better. What will you need to have there for these living things to use it? (Hedgehogs will need slugs and snails, which will need plants. Bees will need flowering plants. If it is particularly large area, how could humans use it? A bench in the shade? What will provide the shade?)
  2. On another page, draw your design for the space. Label the things that you would include. Create a list of resources that you will need. Can you reuse materials that you might otherwise throw away?  For example: A simple hedgehog shelter could be constructed using a couple of large stones with some off-cuts of wood placed on top and straw inside or an piece of plastic drain pipe to create a tunnel.  There are some websites below with videos to give you lots of ideas.

Show your design to an adult, maybe together you can make your garden more wildlife friendly.

Week 2 Structure idea (optional)


Extra topic based ideas