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Week 3 - 4.5.20

Year 2 - Summer Week 3 - 4.5.20

Hello Year 2,


Firstly, I want to welcome Daphne to our class. Daphne and her sister have officially started at Holbrook this term and Daphne is very excited to get to know you all! I had the pleasure of chatting to her last week and she is incredibly friendly and full of enthusiasm - I know she will fit into the class perfectly! If anyone would like to get in touch with Daphne to say hello over the next few weeks, please ask me to pass on your details to her parents as I am sure she would love to say hello!


We have tried to structure the English sessions a little more, a little like the maths White Rose planning, so you have a focus each day. Just do what you can and feel free to come up with your own great learning ideas linked to Tobago and the Caribbean and share your fabulous ideas with us on the blog! Even though Friday is a bank holiday, we thought we would plan 5 sessions in case you wanted Friday to add some structure your Friday too. 


It was lovely to catch up with so many of you again and is great to hear about the great varieties of activities you have all been up to. Well done if you have found time to log on to the blog, there are some super posts to read on there already - Harley's impressive bread, Freddie's incredible bear t-shirt, Rosa's beautiful recycled CD decoration and Amelia showing us how she's keeping fit and active on her scooter! Looking forward to seeing more uploads. Link to the blog is below.


Also, I can see many of you have logged onto TT Rockstars already and have heard you are really enjoying the website, which is great to hear! I wonder if any of you have competed against each other yet?  Link to TT Rockstars is below.


Remember your username is your first name, a full stop, then your last name (all lower case). 

Example:    Mrs Gray would be mrs.gray                 Sunny Days would be sunny.days

Passports Please!


This week we are going to virtually visit a different country in a different continent! We are going to visit the island of Tobago, one of the Caribbean Island situated at the bottom of the North American continent. Start by using an atlas, globe or google maps to research where it is!



Phonics and Spellings

Start each phonics session by playing some games and reviewing all the graphemes (letter spellings), making all the possible phonemes (sounds).

Username : march20                           Password : home


Spelling Focus: words ending in -tion

Session 1

Watch the following You Tube video with Geraldine the Giraffe, looking at -tion words. Pause the video at around 1 minute 10 seconds and write your own list of words ending in -tion. Do any words you come up with match Geraldine's selection?


Then click on the spelling link below the video and read some of the -tion words. Can you put these into spoken sentences? 


Geraldine the Giraffe learns /tion/ spelling

Pause at 1 minute 10 seconds and write your own list of -tion words. Do any words you come up with match Geraldine's selection?

Session 2

Practice spelling the following -tion words. Remember to look, cover, practice, check. Can you get it right after 3 attempts? 


station, fiction, lotion, ambition, section, motion, information, nation, education, foundation, competition, direction, fraction.

Session 3

Open the following document and copy 4 of the following sentences. Then underline the words in the sentences ending in -tion. Afterwards make a list of all the -tion words you have found in the sentences. 

Session 4

Use 4 of the following -tion words to make silly sentences of your own:

station, fiction, motion, nation, section, education, foundation, competition, lotion, direction, fraction.

Sadly I couldn't get the train because the station was covered in purple, smelly, sticky lotion!

Session 5

Play your own -tion bingo.

1- Write the following words on individual pieces of paper:

station, fiction, motion, nation, section, education, foundation, competition, lotion, direction, fraction. 

2- Then choose and write 6 of the words for your own bingo selection.

3- Pick one word at a time and cross it off if you have it! Who will shout 'bingo' first?


Have a go at the following -tion quiz... 


Reading is so important at this young age and opens the doors to so many other areas of learning. Continue to share a range of texts and taking it in turns to read or be read to.


1. Use Oxford Owl - username : holbrooky2          Password: booksy2


2. Use epic - log in using the pupil code -  gyq1829


This week we would like you to enjoy the story of 'Gregory Cool'. The story is about a boy who has gone to stay with relatives in Tobago. I wonder how he gets on...


Session 1

Listen to the story of Gregory Cool and then answer the questions about the story. There paragraphs from the book are also copied below - use these to help find the answers to the questions.

Gregory Cool Story

Session 2

Listen to the story of Gregory Cool again, or read it using the copied paragraphs. 

Then match the following words to the correct definitions - 


Session 3

Read the informal letter from Gregory to his parents and think about these questions...

›Why is this a good start to an informal letter?
›Does it give you the feeling that it is something that Gregory would say?
›How have the details from the story been incorporated into the letter?
›How have the details from the story been expanded upon?
›How do the different types of sentences make the writing more interesting to read?
›Why is it a good idea to keep adding phrases like ”Honestly Mum” ?

Letter Writing

Start to plan your letter home, imagining you are Gregory. What could you write about in your letter? Think of 3 or 4 things to write about your time in Tobago and make some notes using a spider diagram, like below...

Session 4 and 5

For the nest two sessions, write your letter home about your time visiting family in Tobago. 

You could explain how at first you really missed home but have come to enjoy your time there! 


Remember to:

* Start your letter with Dear ____

* Write in the first person, as if you are Gregory - using I and We 

* Write an introduction saying how are you feeling.

* Use paragraphs to write about different things - the beach, the fishermen, food, your relatives

* Use your notes to help and refer to the book to remind you what Gregory saw and did! 

* Can you end your letter with some questions to your family back home? 

* Remember to say Love From____.


It has been great to hear that so many of you are practicing your times tables regularly and becoming whizzes at remembering them in random orders too! Remember, the aim is to learn your 2, 5 and 10 times tables. If you become super confident with these, move onto your 3 and 4 times tables too! 

Main Maths Focus - Number

Use the plans and videos produced by White Rose to work on number in different ways.


Session 1 - Fact Families (number bonds to make 20)

Session 2 - Comparing number sentences using less than < , equal/ same as =  and greater than >

Session 3 - Related facts looking at ones and tens

Session 4 - Adding and subtracting ones

Session 5 - Friday challenge 



Watch this video and listen to the song 'Tobago' by Franz Job. 

What does Franz Job tell us about Tobago in this song?

Franz Job tells us that Tobago is ………

This is shown in the quote’……………

This suggests that   ……………..because

The word ‘ _____ ‘ tells me that ……………


Franz Job - Tobago

However, Franz Job doesn’t tell us but shows us these...

What are they images of?



Task 1

Name and locate all 7 continents and 5 oceans on a world map. See if you can practice this each day and can remember them by the weekend! 


Use the following activities and games to help you remember and locate them...

Seven 7 Continents Interesting Facts for Kids

Know all important and amazing facts about the 7 continents in this animation video for school going kids.

The Continents and Oceans (LMFAO Parody)

Mr. M along with Caesar tries to teach students about the Continents and Oceans, to the song by LMFAO.

Task 2

Now find Tobago on the world map as we going to be learning all about life in Tobago. 


Your task is to make some kind of factfile or poster telling us everything you learn about Tobago. Use pictures, photos, words, diagrams or anything else!


Here is an example layout:


Here are 2 fact file templates you may like to complete...


Can you make any delicious Caribbean delights at home?  Here are a few ideas...


Ginger Cake         Coconut Pancakes with Banana         Jerk Curry        Tropical Smoothie

Kitchen Skills to Keep us Safe

At school we teach different kitchen techniques to keep us safe. Here are some videos which show the skills we encourage...

Safe Grating

Let's look at how to teach children to grate ingredients safely and effectively.

The Bridge Cutting Technique

The bridge technique is a safe way of teaching children to cut something in half. Here's how to do it.

The Claw Grip Cutting Technique

This video shows foods being safely cut and sliced. It has been developed for encourage primary school children throughout the UK to cook.

Preparing Herbs and Garlic

Let's look at how to teach children to prepare herbs and garlic.

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